Agnes Grey

Agnes Grey
Anne Brontë
  • Publisher: Macmillan Education
  • Format: ePub
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I had tried everything I could think of to teach and control the children. However, it did not matter how hard I tried. Their behaviour did not get better.
When the Grey family lose a lot of money, Agnes, the youngest daughter decides to help. She will become a governess.
But trying to teach and control other people’s children proves to be more difficult than expected. Her pupils are rude and badly behaved, and their parents are not much better.
When a new curate arrives at church, Agnes finds her thoughts turning to love. But how can she be sure he feels the same?
• Extra grammar and vocabulary exercises
• Notes about the story
• Notes about the life of Anne Brontë
• Points For Understanding comprehension questions
• Glossary of difficult vocabulary and Useful Phrases
• Free resources including worksheets, tests and answer keys
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